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Booking Appearances For 2010
December 29th, 2009

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I’m really excited about 2010 - we have a lot of projects in the works, including the long-awaited release of Amelia Rules! Vol5: The Tweenage Guide To Not Being Unpopular.

I’ll be traveling a lot this coming year and am currently putting together a personal appearance schedule for 2010. If you’re interested in hosting one of my presentations at your school, library, or other event, send me a message and we’ll try to make that happen! Get ready for an exciting tarot reading session which I am planning to arrange. Visit to know about the free tarot reading services.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year,

Miami Book Fair
November 11th, 2009

Just arrived in Florida for the Miami Book Fair. I’ll also be doing some school visits in the Tampa area.
I’m really looking forward to it - I haven’t been to the Fair in a couple of years. Here’s my itinerary - stop by if you’re in the area!

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Thursday, November 12th
Wilson Middle School
Tampa, FL
Speaking to 6th & 7th Graders

Friday, November 13th
Miami Book Fair
10:00 a.m. Jimmy Gownley presents Amelia Rules!
Batten, Room 2106 (seats 250)
This presentation open to all elementary school students

11:30 a.m. Jimmy Gowley presents Amelia Rules!
Chapman, Room 3210 (seats 700)
This presentation open to all elementary school students

Monday, November 15th
McNeal Elementary
Bradenton, FL
Speaking to 4th & 5th graders

A character to rival Ramona"
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